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19 th of February 2014

New result of our Lenny
Inherited RD/OSD - gentest: Normal/Clear

6th of January 2014

4th of January 2014 Stázka Guzanová invited us to "New Year's training"
and for dinner  whith  friends.
This training was just for relax and it was easy, so I could
take Tommy for meeting with friends and dogs specially Jacky and Janka.
We met a lot of new friends
Training and dinner were excellent.
Thank you Stazka for everything!

29th of November was Special Retriever show SRK  in Nitra,
where Lenny won BIS honor class.
Judge Mr.Nenad Davidovic (SRB), whom I thank for the beautiful review.
He is still in excellent show condition in his 5,5 years.
Thank you my daughter Alexandra for nice handling.
Lenny was in competition "Child and Dog"  with his friend Veronika Kudybová.
Veronika is very goog young handler and they won the competition,
I am very proud of them.
Alexandra also achieved an excellent result with Labrador

A `Max pod Žerčickým kostelem, class INT. - V1, CAC.
At the exhibition made ​​MVDr.Faga (Vet Trnava) eye examinations,
Lenny has negative results! PRA / CAT / RD neg
We spent a wonderful day with friends. 

Photos from show